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To Do List

:heart: I'm a busy person outside dA! Please be patient! :D :heart:

To-do List

OWED ART: (To be completed in the order that they are listed)

:bulletred: Collab half for


:bulletgreen: Rosie and Spike

Stamps 8D

magpie stamp by sunkissin Stop Eating the Stamps by EmeraldTokyo Fred and George W. Stamp by iondra GermanShepherd Love Stamp by smileystamps You Think I Care Stamp by bizarrostamps Slytherin Stamp by TigerBun :thumb90744609: Internet Dies Stamp by In-The-Zone Coffee Stamp by CarinaReis Friendship stamp by JinZhan Night Stamp by Amanora Artistic Stamp by SayaStarshine Depression Stamp by SparkLum Summer Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Winter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Piano Stamp by JackdawStamps 'science' stamp by streamline69 Favs stamp by ankewehner :thumb203231064: family guy stamp by GoPurifyYourself Brain Damage Horse Stamp by Kevfin Stewie Griffin by JtDaniel paramore stamp by josephhaubert Paramore fan stamp RQ by ohhperttylights I love Ragdolls by WishmasterAlchemist I love Persians by WishmasterAlchemist OC Torture Stamp by bokujin-geshi :thumb206822405: OC stamp by Crimson-Kaizer:iconimnotperverted1plz::iconimnotperverted2plz: OC's Are My Babies by Foxxie-Chan Sweeney Todd Stamp by BelieveInMagic Never Forget Never Forgive by Tifa-the-Strange WUT Stamp by Drake1 the rum is gone... by soulshinigami Moulin Rouge Stamp by Maria87 British stamp by Bourbons3 Alcohol by TenDrunkMonksStamp - If I don't reply... by AzureReilight I forget :C by Animal-Stamp Note Stamp by SoVeryUnofficial iLove red hair stamp by Ephourita Disgust stamp by Misterstix66 :icontardcrush1::icontardcrush2: :iconohgoodmorningplz::icontheassasinsfailedplz: :icondeargod1plz::icondeargod2plz: :thumb174293679:Stamp: Sex before marriage by Riza-IzumiTop Hats are Sexy :Stamp: by LauNachtyr




Thu Oct 15, 2015, 7:42 AM

-The first 20 people that comment wanting to be on this journal will be featured below and I'll choose three deviations I like most from their gallery
-If you comment, you must to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (me) and three pieces of my art on the first place.
-The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

1. :iconkitsunerawr:
Loosing my Head by KitsuneRAWRMadness by KitsuneRAWRPINK CUTIE CAT by KitsuneRAWR

2. :iconskull-gum: 
Foxfires and Broomsticks by Skull-gum.:PC:. Shy little birdie by Skull-gumPoodle King refe. by Skull-gum

3. :iconroartigerroar: 
Bad Luck | Inktober #2 by RoarTigerRoarBlue Jay by RoarTigerRoarFire and Water (Ripplefire Couple's Contest) by RoarTigerRoar

4. :iconakorrn: 
.:Jade Liddell:. by Akorrn:Gift: Zahkiin by Akorrn:DJ: by Akorrn

5. :iconjeyando:
inktober10 by jeyandoRivery sad by jeyandoInktober4 by jeyando

6. :iconblackmare234:
Burning Now We Bring You Hell : VA by BlackMare234Fill Your Dreams To The Brim With Fright by BlackMare234How Do Ya Do? : Halloween Adopt by BlackMare234

7. :iconwildlife20:
Humanity's Aid Chapter II: That DayOver one hundred years ago, a natural enemy and a of humanity appeared. There was an insurmountable gap in power between them and mankind, and as a result, the humans soon faced utter annihilation. But, as the enemy appeared, so did an ally: Pokémon. This extraordinary creatures, far more stronger and sometimes far more intelligent, sided with humanity against the foe. The survivors of the both sides responded by constructing three walls- Wall Maria, Wall Rose, and Wall Sina- which graced them with 100 years of peace. However...
"Until that time a wretched soul and parted/ From God was I, and wholly avaricious; Now, as thou seest, I here am punished for it." a reprezentant of the Church said, walking toward the foe."What avarice doth is here made manifest/ In the purgation of these souls converted,/ And no more bitter pain Mountain hath." the man said.
"Stop it! Let me go!" a woman begged, as he was picked up by the head by a Titan.
"What more, O Avarice, canst thou do to us,/ Sin
A Soul of a Cold Past"Hi! My name is Emma! I'm twelve, and I'd like you to take me with you- nononoNONO! Ugh, why can't I say it?! I'm so..." I say, looking into the mirror from my room, staring at short, guite muscular girl, built avarage, with a light brown skin, short, curly dark brown hair, small green eyes, with the left one dead, and a scar covering it. Me. Since my uncle tried to kill me with a kitchen knife, causing me to become half blind, and to have Aichmophobia, especially knives. Since then, it's a miracle that I can eat steak, because I have to use those hellish tools. Sine that time, the Shadow-man, a nice shadowy creature that takes children that are abused by those that should protect them, brought me here, to the Orphanage on the hill, to possibly find a new life. A new Family. I look out on the window, outside there are clouds covering the sun, and it looks like there is going to rain. Then I see it: two children- a little older and looking more mature than me, like everyday they walk th Humanity's Aid Chapter I: To You, 2000 Years LaterIt was raining, in the forest, making a lot of sound, along with the sound of multiple hooves and paws, hitting the ground with force, and the flapping of a multitude of wings.
A large group of men and women, all dressed in military outfits, with beige jackets, white pats, dark-brown boots, and a dark-emerald claoks, were galloping on the backs of horses and bizzare creatures that could be rode, along other strange creatures, resembling plants, animals or even objects, running or flying as fast as they could along with the group. The creatures wore too some rich green cloaks, with the same insignia, a white wing over a dark blue wing, on a upside pentagon, utlinet in a silver line, as the humans.
"Prepare for battle! The enemy is up ahead!" lider of the group shouted, as a creature resembling a mixture between a scorpion and a bat, glided next to the man, pointing with its blue-purple tail, with two barbs on the end, straight ahead, before it silently glided over the group."The target

8. :iconellagatorr: 
NEXTGEN 1: Dawn by EllagatorrPhan by Ellagatorr

9. :iconplaylist-xx: 
What I think of Politics. by Playlist-XXSona's Head COMPLETED by Playlist-XXVIRAL CLASH by Playlist-XX

10. :iconhermithehusky:
W E A R E N O T R E A L by HermiTheHuskyGlitched Chaosmaker by HermiTheHuskyTogether Into the Night by HermiTheHusky

11. :iconthunderwolf2113:
Legend In The Stars by Thunderwolf2113Forever Alone by Thunderwolf2113These Guys .:Phoenix:. 2 by Thunderwolf2113

12. :iconrainwolf21:
Play mommy! by Rainwolf21Foxy done by Rainwolf21I am Groot of Asgard by Rainwolf21

13: :iconwolfierocks45: 
Wolf's Rain Next Generation Fan Art (Adoth) by wolfierocks45(Disney Inspired) White Tiger by wolfierocks45Ghost as a wolf by wolfierocks45

13. :iconbig-bad-rocket:
Playing tag
Playing tag
I grunt as I hit the floor of the ship. I try to get up but Drax's knife is at my jugular.
"If you steal from me again I will have revenge you. I won't care about what Quill say's about hurting you."
"Okay,okay, I'm sorry," I chough. "No taking your vanilla cupcakes. I won't happen again."
"Drax smiled then let me up, please that the massage had got through.
I scowl and get up off the floor.
Gamora looks at me and Drax with disapproval and says, "Does there always have to be noice and fights at breakfast?"
Gamora kind of has a point. Today was like every other day. We'd all get up,get our food, go to the table and stat to eat and then somebody would make trouble. Today it was Drax. Granted I had tried to kick one of his vanilla cupcakes with the pink fairys on top but still it was his fault.
I pointed at the big jerk and said, "He stared it."
Gamora rolled her eyes, "Really rocket, you're as bad as Peter."
"Somebody mention my name? Quill asked as he entered, music playing
tree care
It's 7:36AM and I'm not happy. Why am I not happy? Beacuse I've been up all night on duty. Quill, Gamora and Drax are away doing...something. I didn't bother to ask about but has something to do with Nova and the short of it is that I'm alone on the ship. Okay groot is still here but at nine days old I don't think he's ready for night duty. I plod back to our room and open the door. Groot's pot is on the small table I have near my bed and Groot is inside it sleeping. I smile as I watch him sleep but that smile soon disapears when Groot begins to whimper. I run over to him at once.
"Groot buddy, what's wrong?" I ask but he just whimpers more.
Groot isn't old enough to talk yet so even I don't understand him that well at the moment.
"What do I do?  "What do I do?," I ask myself and I pace up and down.
Truthfully I don't have a clue as to how one wuld look after a child. I try my best but I'm really not that good at it.
I stop paceing as an idea comes to me.
I may not be good with ki
Dance bros
I open my eyes slowly. The brightness of the room making me wince. I'm chaided hands and feet to the floor and bleeding badly. My heartrate speeds up as I hear footsteps approaching
"Well you look pathetic don't you?" a voice I know to be Quill's laughs.
I look up and whimper when I see the whip in his hand. The whip he's used on me so many times these last few days. They used whips against me on Halfworld and so they terrify me.
"Please," I beg, "Please don't...please"
Quill bursts out laughing again and says, "You're not very bright are you Rocket. You though you could trust me and the others didn't you? You thought we cared about you. Well we don't and nobody ever will. You're a monster and you'll spend the rest of your life getting what a monster deserves"
Quill then raises the whip and brings it down on my back.
I gasp and sit up in bed. My breathing is hard and my eyes quickly dart about the room looking for danger but I find nothing. I rub my eyes, whiping away tears the

14. :iconceruleanheavens:
Bouquet of roses by CeruleanHeavensKiriban gift: 'Krahe' for Farphyni by CeruleanHeavensGoldfish by CeruleanHeavens

15. :iconninterjonesylad:
My Portrait by NinterjonesyladDraganaught by NinterjonesyladRequest: Valdos X fluttershy by Ninterjonesylad

16. :iconevent-horizon-indigo:
Hide and Seek (09.11.2015)    My heart shifts to lonely  halls at night
    where ghosts of you presence become corporal
    wrapped in alarm clock tones and Irish Spring -
    (even now I know I meant to say Hollister)
    Scent linking me to a bed half as narrow and
    twice as long as the one I wake in every morning -
    Yet I can trace the paths we walked
    in my mind as if yesterday were the first day we met -
    My feet the first part of me your caressed
    easing tension from a long trek -
    Little did I know you'd leave me stranded
    haunted by the love-lost behind half masks.
    Was it you or me who fractured first?
    (If you were even whole to begin with.)
    No answers will arise - only the echo
    in my empty living room where new ghosts -
    Imprints of a presence that twins with mine
    has shown me
Lingering (10/20/2015)   
    Some grief turns to scandal
when answers are sought in Jameson's handle -
Emotions which surface and make you raw
can't be drowned out or lost in a draw -
Even if you try to stay numbed,
memories that strong will always come
- vividly, in color at any time of day
even Jim Beam can't get in their way.
Instead of running to unlikely "friends"
or relying on poison to reach an end -
Next time you hear Captain Morgan calling
or feel your resolve quickly falling:
Remember the price for turning to the bottle,
racing down the street at full throttle,
Comes with a ticket and a sentence -
you'll never know how many years for your penance -
That all depends on the life you impacted -
no matter your words your reputation's detracted.
For in your moment of weakness and denial
your worst judge is yourself - constantly on trial.
So if you seek to numb the pain you feel,
step back a moment and be real:
There are people who care if sober you stay,
so if you're struggling dia

17. :iconxbox-ds-gameboy:
.:Neelo the Brute Demon:. by Xbox-DS-Gameboy.:Gameboy the Hedgehog:. by Xbox-DS-Gameboy.:Dark Realm AU:.:Exe's Demon Form:. by Xbox-DS-Gameboy

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Hates: Ignorant people, bad hygiene, attention seekers,

Current Residence: London
Favourite style of art: Abstract, 1930's
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Personal Quote: Everyone dies, its a natural part of life, but if life has no purpose you're dead already.

Slytherin House STAMP by CrystalLynnblud to one of the bestest people on earth by MaggienToby


Velociraptor flavaque by Ambrosia-Ashcrofte

Alright, well wow! First off let me say that this is an incredibly creative creature you've got here. Just by reading the description a...

Tsunami of Flames by Shiinrai

Hallo! Thought I'd write you a little critique on this lovely artwork. It's clear you've worked very hard on it, and it certainly caugh...

Which of these films would you most like to see me draw Fanart for? 

12 deviants said Balto
11 deviants said All Dogs go to Heaven
8 deviants said Bolt
4 deviants said Lady and the Tramp
2 deviants said 101 Dalmatians- Patch's London Adventure






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